Let’s imagine this. One of your most loyal patients has finally convinced her still-spirited-senior mother to come into your office for treatment. The two arrive for the appointment and the hygienist begins to review Mom’s medical history and current medications. Metformin for her diabetes. Amlodipine for hypertension. Loratidine for those seasonal allergies. An evening glass of wine for… well, you know. And the list goes on.

Your staff knows that administering the wrong medications to this patient could have extremely dangerous—even deadly [or life-threatening, life-altering if you want to go softer here]—But without a resident pharmacist on call, who do you turn to?

A medical affairs expert who can immediately and intimately understand the situation’s severity.

A pharmacist who could evaluate the case and determine if there are potential drug interactions with the patient’s current medications.

A trusted professional who can offer sound recommendations to keep Mom safe.

You can turn to me.

As a seasoned pharmacist specializing in Pharmacy Administration, Pharma-Medical Affairs and Managed Care, I bring my expertise to new areas, like dentistry, to help healthcare professionals keep patients safe.

When a patient with a chronic illness comes into your practice or when you have questions about how a new medication interacts with traditional dental therapies, I am here for you. I am an advocate for your patients, so I can be a part of the safe experience you want to offer them. I am your partner, equipping you with the insight and guidance you need to make better, more informed decisions for your patients every day.

Let’s work together to make the world a healthier, safer place.

If you are a healthcare provider who needs on-hand pharmaceutical insight to make a difference for your practice or products today…Click here to contact me!.