You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something is missing from your life. You keep adding to your to-do list—another job, someplace else to volunteer, one more degree—yet instead of fulfillment and accomplishment, you find a routine and a rut that feels way more suffocating than satisfying. Your days and weeks are a complete blur.

Your health is suffering. You’re relentlessly exhausted, pressured and empty. Life has let you down. As you push through it all, day after day, there is one thought that you just can’t shake. “I am made for more.”

You are absolutely right. You are.

You were made to soar. You were created to look radiant and amazing. You were designed to feel empowered and confident to pursue a life that you love. You should be living abundantly.

I want to walk alongside you bring you out of the whirlwind of life, press pause and hear what your heart is saying. I want to look at how you’re living from the inside out and discern what’s been disrupted. I want to get to the root of how your dissatisfaction is manifesting in your life—on your plate, in your overextended credit cards or anywhere else you’ve lost control.

I want to help you find yourself—the real and whole you—so together, we can unearth the answers you are seeking, wanting and needing.

You’ll be empowered to take hold of your wellness and your life. Together, we’ll find your more.

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A fantastic part of the world in which we live today is how we can successfully communicate and interact regardless of our geographical locations. My services are not limited to Atlanta, in fact I coach clients all over the country through virtual technologies such as Skype and Google Hangouts, and of course by phone. Don’t allow your location to stop you from making the transformation that you desire and deserve!