Group Coaching

Transform You

An intimate and supportive group coaching experience for women seeking more in this season of life 

Is 2018 the Year That You Make a Major Move in Your Health, Career, Business and Life? 

Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut with your career, health or life in general, and can’t seem to get out of it?  

Does thinking about the things that you haven’t achieved or acquired constantly make you anxious? 

Do you feel like you’re living life in a fog even though you’re always busy and moving?  

How many times have you stopped and started the diet, the detox or the workout only to give up too soon? 

Have you hit the wall in your career and you are unsure about how to break through? 

Are you ready to finally launch the business of your dreams?  

Tired of trying to push yourself into success alone? 

It can be overwhelming to try to figure it all out on your own. Making a major life shift requires clarity, consistency and connection with the right people who want to see you win.   

Imagine what your life would look like if you really believed that you could do more, be more and have more… 

Imagine who you could be if you cleared your mind and spirit of the blocks and barriers that kept you confused, fearful and questioning what God has for you… 

Imagine what you could do if you were intentional, focused and absolutely sure about what steps to take to move forward in your life… 

Let’s tackle this thing called life together by shifting our focus and creating the lives, health, careers and businesses we desire.  

I know where you are. I have always been the go-getter and the woman with a vision for a great life, doing great things. There were times when I had everything that I was “supposed” to have—a good job, family that loved me and even, at one point, marriage. But there were times when I still wasn’t happy or satisfied. I wanted and needed more. What God revealed to me (once I got still long enough to hear Him) was that I had the power to create the shift that I wanted in my life and to fulfill the desires that He’d placed on my heart. So do you. That’s why I created this program—to help you do it.  

Transform You is a 90-day group intensive for women who are ready to live healthy, fulfilled lives in and on purpose.  

Choose the area where you need support:  

Transform Your Focus  

For the single woman who needs to decide how to live now. You want a husband and family of your own (or maybe you’re creating a new life after divorce), yet you need a passionate, purpose-driven life that you live with gratitude and grace.  

Transform Your Health 

For the woman who must take control of her health and wellness. Your body is telling you that it’s time to get and stay healthy, but you’re always busy and on the go, and figuring out what to eat and how to move your body to get the results you desire is overwhelming.  

Transform Your Career  

For the woman who wants to go to the next level in her career. You’re dreaming about moving up the ladder in your company, transitioning to a completely new industry or taking a leap of faith to start your own business. Your first question? Where do I start? 

This group experience is for you if:  

  • You need encouragement and inspiration to make something happen in your life  
  • You need a clear plan of action to guide you in achieving your goals 
  • You’ve struggled with consistency and accountability in the past  
  • You can handle honest feedback in an open, but safe, space 
  • You like the idea of working with and beside other like-minded women who are working towards a similar goal  
  • You are open to new ideas, new information, new thinking and new ways  

Here’s what you get: 

  • Exclusive bi-weekly video check-ins and focused worksheets to help you to identify your desires, where you want to go and map out your plan to get there (delivered directly to your inbox) 
  • Bi-weekly, “Ask Anything” group coaching sessions where you can review your progress, present your challenges and receive live laser coaching from me and feedback (virtually via teleconference or video) 
  • A recommended resource library of readings and material to support your journey  
  • A dedicated, private Facebook group for you to connect, share and receive inspiration from me and the other women moving with you 

Program begins in January 2018. Apply for your spot today.