About Jerrica

Jerrica L. Dodd, PharmD, MS


Jerrica L. Dodd, PharmD, MSWhether you are a dental professional who wants to serve patients with more knowledge and more heart, a woman with a deep desire to do and be more or someone on the path to a healthier, better life, I’m so glad you’re here.

Welcome to my online home.

I am what some people call multi-passionate. But I prefer multi-gifted. God has planted so many seeds in me—from my teenaged dream of becoming a teacher to my all-grown-up heart for people—and I know He created me to do this work. I am meant to equip. I am meant to empower. I am meant to encourage.

So I am a woman who serves many people.

I am a pharmacist. I am an instructor, a speaker and a coach. I am a Zumba-loving, Christ-centered minister who teaches women how to live fuller, richer lives. And I passionately stand for patients and people who I’ve never met, but who I know deserve to be treated safely and with care by health professionals who are well-trained and well-informed.

I can be all of these things and show up fully in each of them because it’s how God designed me. There are many facets that make me who I am—a whole woman who speaks. But I am also a woman who listens.

Official Bio

Dr. Jerrica Dodd is a pharmacist, educator and coach who empowers individuals to transform their lives through coaching, teaching and speaking. Through her integrative company, JerricaSpeaks.com, she combines her pharmacy administration, pharma-medical affairs and managed care expertise with her passion for service. She teaches healthcare professionals, individuals and organizations on up-to-date drug interaction considerations when treating chronically ill patients and consults with practices on drug safety. In addition to her pharmaceutical services, she empowers women to live healthier and happier from the inside out as a coach and licensed Zumba instructor. From medicine to ministry, Jerrica is undeniably passionate about people—and it radiates through every aspect of her work.

Jerrica cares. Jerrica listens. And Jerrica speaks.

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